Examples of Adobe® AIR™ with ActionScript 3 Code Provided

2008 Prototypes

Adobe AIR Application: AirBooth AirBooth by Irfan Pirbhai
AirBooth is a straightforward application that allows users to capture a snapshot from their webcam, and save it onto their desktop in .png format.
Adobe AIR Application: Burble Burble by Kristen Elliott
Burble encourages you to explore the language of Jabberwocky. Can you outnonsense Lewis Carroll? Use some of his classic words or create your own meaningful gibberish! Who knows, you may even learn a bit about grammar along the way...
Adobe AIR Application: comicbook.air comicbook.air by Dwight Brown
The Comic Book Reader allows you to view scanned comic books on your computer.
Adobe AIR Application: Cover Tracks Cover Tracks by Karen Li
If you're a fan of burning mixed or original CDs, then this application will make your life easier. Cover Tracks allows you to drag and drop an image of your choice to create your CD cover. You can type in a title, and it will add it to the spine of your case. For your case's back a.k.a. your tracklist, you can choose to either type out your song information, or open up a text file with that information.
Adobe AIR Application: CyberPet CyberPet by Erin Askew
Feed, care and play with your new desktop friend- the cyber pet. Keeps you company while you work. Your new pet will let you know when he is hungry or thirsty. You can give him treats and make him do tricks.
Adobe AIR Application: Explosive Air Timer Explosive Air Timer by Andrew Lof
Shoot fireworks on your desktop after a certain amount of time.
Adobe AIR Application: File Cake File Cake by Jason Williamson
File Cake allows you to share text files, or code files.
Adobe AIR Application: Filmstrip Filmstrip by Daniel Cantos
The main function for this application is to take a picture using the webcam and save it to the user's desktop. If the user was to take a series of pictures then they could view it like a filmstrip via picture viewer (Windows Picture and Fax Viewer) or slideshow and it would act like a mini film or simulate a stack of post-it notes being flipped rapidly.
Adobe AIR Application: Flapshot Flapshot by Param Randhawa
Flapshot is an Adobe AIR desktop application that will let you play FLV video's from your desktop in full screen mode. In addition to playing the FLV videos you can also take the snapshots (including transparent FLV videos) and save them into "Flapshot" folder on your desktop in ".png" graphic format.
Adobe AIR Application: Kilian's Design Tutorial Kilian's Design Tutorial by Kilian Walker
Add an image showing your design and analyze the design with this design tutorial application. Only the top button is enabled.
Adobe AIR Application: Lunar Arts RSS Notifier Lunar Arts RSS Notifier by Andrew Byrne
The application is, in the most general of terms, a notification program to allow the user to know when an RSS feed has been updated. To be more precise, it allows the user to track any particular RSS feed they so choose, providing they have some knowledge in XML to allow them to determine a particular tag to which updates can be tracked through.
Adobe AIR Application: Quick Pic Quick Pic by Barbara Cieslak
Quick Pic is an image viewer capable of saving custom galleries using an XML document saved to the computer's hard drive.
Adobe AIR Application: ReUsed - Connecting People Through Creations ReUsed - Connecting People Through Creations by Nick Poisson
ReUsed is a media sharing utility that allows users to quickly share they're media creations with the world. Users can upload and download any number of files to and from the ReUsed server quickly and efficiently. Sharing has never been so easy.
Adobe AIR Application: Robot Desktop Companion Robot Desktop Companion by Anissa Hart
This AIR widget is a fun animated companion who will entertain you with trivia, quotes and positive compliments. The robot desktop companion will also tell you the current weather in Toronto at the click of a button.
Adobe AIR Application: Super Fun Happy Web Browser Super Fun Happy Web Browser by Jeff Winkworth
This is a flash-based web browser, with 4 content tabs. However, instead of each tab only consisting of the Webpage title, the entire tab is the entire website scaled down
Adobe AIR Application: Syphon3D Syphon3D by Corey Macdonald
Syphon3d is a stand alone 3d model viewer using Adobe AIR and Papervision3d.
Adobe AIR Application: The Colbert Desktop The Colbert Desktop by Sunil John
This Air application is an example of a marketing widget for the television show "The Colbert Report." The application aggregates rss feeds about recent clips and upcoming guests, has a shout box for users to post comments, and uses video with alpha channels to simulate a green screen mashup.
Adobe AIR Application: The Magazine Cover Creator The Magazine Cover Creator by Carlos Ruano
This AIR Application allows users to easily create magazine covers as entertainment where they can put pictures of themselves or their friends and modify the title of the magazine and headlines shown in the cover without the difficulty of using Design-Drawing Software.
Adobe AIR Application: Tools of Destruction Tools of Destruction by Heather Ableson
This is a stress relieving game, designed to damage the cause of a lot of stress in the workplace: Computers! Without actually harming the vital equipment itself.
Adobe AIR Application: XML File Generator XML File Generator by Adrian Borrmann
This application generates an XML representation of local files on your system. Drag and drop files that you would like to include in the XML file, and it will create a list on the fly that you can copy/paste or save as a file. Includes numerous options for the formatting of the document.