January 27, 2004

Gabe Sawhney is a content creator for mobile technologies. This is a very important role is mobile is to advance beyond just a tool. Gabe's message is to make the content have relevance to what you are doing when you are mobile as opposed to just making the same old stuff available on mobile. Content in context might be the phrase.

Mobile people are out in the world - make use of it. Fine, they may just want to pass the time playing a traditional game but let's start thinking how we can provide them with content that helps them engage the world. Gives them stories of where they are like Gabe's Murmur project: http://www.murmurtoronto.ca. Any other ideas we will keep to ourselves right now ;-) because it is certainly in the cards that we too will develop content for mobile usage. Our program has two pocket PCs on which we are practicing Flash development and phone development kits are discussed in our series of Flash tutorials.

Learners prepared McLuhan Tetrads for Multimedia Installations based on the talk and on in-class research and presentations. The Tetrads are available at: http://imm.sheridanc.on.ca/tetrads/mobile.html. Learners analyzed what the technology enhances, makes obsolete, retrieves and flips into. The lecture / lab experience is part of the Sheridan Multimedia Pioneering course where a new technologies with respect to Interactive Multimedia are examined and working samples are explored. The technologies are:

  • The Web
  • Online Communities
  • Virtual Reality
  • Multimedia Installations
  • Immersive Screens
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mediated Reality and Wearable Computing
  • Peer-to-peer Chat and File Sharing
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Disk Technologies
  • Architecture - Digital Walls, Smart Homes & Walk-throughs
  • Microsoft Longhorn Operating System

    Course Coordinator: Professor Dan Zen

    For further inquiries please contact imm@sheridanc.on.ca

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