Communication 1 (AS3)

A content example from the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia curriculum

See also: Communication 2 | XML in Flash | Communication Components

Click Here to increase the ExternalInterface field

AS3 Code in Flash 9 and PHP Code

Here is the ZIP file. This file shows various ways for Flash to communicate. This includes:

  • navigateToURL to load a Web Page from Flash
  • SharedObject to save a Flash "cookie"
  • FlashVars & SWF Query String to pass variables into Flash
  • ExternalInterface (replacing setVariable) to call a function in Flash from JavaScript
  • Loading a SWF with Loader and URLRequest to load a SWF file into Flash
  • FileReference to upload a local file to be used by flash
and does not include (see Communication 2 and XML in Flash links at top):
  • URLLoader and URLVariables to retrieve text or server output
  • XML to send and receive XML
  • Web Services to connect to scripts on other servers
  • Remoting to avoid serializing and deserializing data
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